Brew Guide: French Press


Invented in 1929, the French Press is widely considered to be the best and easiest method for brewing consistently excellent coffee. It extracts superior flavor through soaking, steeping, and straining ground coffee in and with hot water. This method allows the coffee’s flavor, caffeine, and antioxidants to be better diffused and preserved, creating a pure flavor. The method is both simple and effective.


When brewing with a French Press, you should have the following materials:

  • French Press
  • Coffee grinder (if using full beans)
  • Measuring instrument


French presses come in a variety of sizes. Mine holds 32 ounces, so I will use that measurement as a reference for this brewing guide.


To get started, measure and grind your coffee of choice. To make 32 ounces of coffee (serves 3-4), you will need ½ cup of freshly-roasted coffee beans. Grind the beans on the coarsest setting. Brief, sharp pulses in a blade grinder should do the trick. Add ground coffee to the French press.


Measure and boil four cups of water, then allow to cool for one minute. Water for French press coffee should be heated to 195; any hotter and the coffee will burn. Then, add the water to the ground coffee. Stir the brew vigorously using an up and down motion. A butter knife or similarly long utensil will work perfectly.


Steep the coffee for four minutes, then plunge the press when the timer goes off. Pour into cups and enjoy immediately.



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