Why It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Follow the News


Staying up-to-date with the latest happenings on the planet is an outstanding habit to have, yet when the news is a constant harbinger of doom and gloom, it becomes necessary at times to disconnect. Being inundated with negativity is detrimental to your psychological well-being, particularly when your life is busy and you need to stay outgoing and project a positive outlook for others. There is a time and a place for news and there is, likewise, a time to say no.  

Following the news is becoming harder to do for many reasons. There is crime, there are sob stories, and there is sickness in abundance. Whether these happenings are occurring on your street, in your state, or around the world, hearing the bad news takes a toll on the body and spirit, particularly when you live in times when the negative stories appear to far outweigh the good. Those horror stories and tales of death and destruction can weigh you down, with long-lasting consequences on your life. It becomes more difficult to function focused on your future and your personal goals when you’ve soaked up so much harmful information.  

Yet, everywhere you look, it seems the news is there in your face. Not just at home, but out in public or even at work, news blasts across your path everywhere you look. But what can be done to limit this exposure should be. Taking a book can help you keep your eyes on a happier story, rather than on the tide of bad news. Moreover, when you are home you can choose to only take in the highlights of the day by reading a paper or the ticker on the bottom of a news channel placed on mute. Obviously staying informed in today’s climate is critical. However, choose not to dwell on the news of the day. Find out what you must and let the rest go. Give your mental and physical health the immunization it needs from harmful media presence.  

You owe it to yourself to limit exposure to harmful interference. That doesn’t only present itself in the form of physical dangers from other people. Psychological and mental harm can come from soaking in nothing but negativity as the 24/7 news atmosphere we live in constantly bombards the psyche. Choose to break free and safeguard your sanity. 

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