Brew Guide: Jetboil Coffee Press


Do you love starting your outdoor trek with fresh brewed coffee? With the Jetboil Coffee Press, you can brew a great-tasting cup of coffee without bulky equipment, without paper filters, and without fuss. Designed to work with a variety of cooking systems, this press is a pleasure to use and super easy to pack and store.  
Supplies and Equipment 
You’ll need the following supplies to brew a cup of coffee with the Jetboil Coffee Press: 

  • Cooking device: The Jetboil Coffee Press is compatible with a variety of cooking devices, including Zip, Flash, Flash Lite, MicroMo, PCS Sol and Sol TI. 
  • Cooking cup: You’ll need an insulated cup, such as Jetboil’s 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup, to hold your water and coffee grounds. 
  • Jetboil Coffee Press 
  • Water 
  • Coffee 

To prepare a cup of coffee with the Jetboil Coffee Press, do the following: 
1. Insert the wide end of the metal rod into the filter. Make sure the “teeth” of the rim are facing downward. 
2. Push the narrow end of the rod through the hole in the lid. 
3. Screw the plunger onto the narrow end of the rod. 
4. Pour water into your Jetboil cup and attach it to the flash stove. 
5. Turn on the the flash stove, and wait for the thermochromatic heat indicator to turn orange.  
6. Turn off the flash stove, and remove the cup from the stove. 
7. Add coffee, and insert the coffee press into the cup, pressing down on the lid. 
8. Wait 3 to 5 minutes, and then slowly push the plunger down as far as it will go. 
9. Pour your coffee into a mug, and enjoy! 

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