Brew Guide: K-Cups


The Keurig K Cup coffee has become one of the most beloved ways of making coffee all across America. People love it so much because it is fast, easy, and involves little to no clean up. K cups and Keurig machines were started back in the early 1990’s and have been growing really fast in popularity since.  

In order to brew delicious coffee in this easy, convenient, and mess free way you will need a few supplies. These supplies include: 

  • a Keurig machine 
  • A filter for your machine 
  • water 
  • K cups (flavor of your choosing) 


Brewing coffee in a Keurig machine is so easy. You simply have to add water to the machine, place your K Cup in the designated location, press the button, and stand back to wait for your cup to be brewed! 
The best part about these K Cups is the fact that you can get them in any flavor you want! From coffee to tea and everything in between! K Cups are so easy and convenient and you can pick them up easily at almost any store near you! 
What is better than being able to brew your favorite warm beverage without having a huge mess to clean up! All you have to do is toss out the K Cup and sip on your drink while you work, relax, or go about your daily routines! If you haven’t tried a K Cup then you should definitely look into getting a Keurig machine of your own so that you can try all of the deliciousness! 

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